A great big THANKS!!

My wonderful and supportive fiance, Joel
Adrienne, the one who put the idea in my head.
My parents.  They must have done something to make me believe I can do this 🙂
Katie, Mary Grace, and Vivian for approving an extended leave of absence – something I didn’t even consider as a possibility.  I’m so grateful to know I’ll still have my wonderful job when I get home.  Hands down, best bosses ever!

Everyone who helped with the video

Nathan and Jeremy – their blogs provided much insight into the planning of this trip while also being wonderfully entertaining.  If you want an idea of what the day to day is like, read them.  They took a completely different route.

All the lovely folks at the Rochester Bike Shop – the greatest bike shop of all time!

Finally, thanks to everyone who agreed to try this crazy adventure with me and to all the wonderful, generous people we met along the way.


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