All packed!

Laying everything out in one place makes me think 2 things: OMG this is so much–I have to carry all this on my bike?! OMG this is it?!  This is all I get to live out/off of for the next 3 months?! The bike and all my stuff is 74 lbs – that includes the clothes/shoes … More All packed!

Map annotation

Adding important addresses to my bike maps while sipping on the last of one of my favorite beers.  Basically the purpose of this post is to test posting from my phone. Next post: All packed!


After 5 years of planning…and planning…and planning, I still can’t believe it’s already here.  I’ve been answering the question, “when are you going?” for years.  But my answer is no longer, “2016, I think” or “next year” or “in 20 weeks”.  Now my answer is, “Thursday”.  :0 Next post: Map annotation